Week 1: Chaucer

Avarice Third cardinal sin: greed for material goods
Chancery Royal English administrative office with a monopoly on charters and writs, begun under late Anglo-Saxon rule
Charter Legal document recording the transfer of property
Envy Sixth cardinal sin: desire for something that belongs to another
Esquire Function in the royal household involving courier and/or military duties
Exchequer Royal English tax office, begun under Anglo-Norman rule
Gluttony Second cardinal sin: excessive indulgence
Justice of the Peace Regional judicial officer appointed by the king to keep rioters in check
Lechery First cardinal sin: excessive desire
Pride Seventh, greatest and original cardinal sin: excessive self-admiration
Rime Royal A poetic form arranging five-beat, roughly iambic lines into seven-line stanzas
Sloth Fourth cardinal sin: inaction
Vintnery Wine import and wholesale
Wrath Fifth cardinal sin: uncontrolled anger
Writ Court order