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Loan Resistance

English computer mobile phone/cell phone
Dutch computer mobiele telefoon/mobieltje
German Computer/Rechner Handy
French ordinateur téléphone mobile
Finnish tietokone matkapuhelin/kännykkä
Icelandic tölva farsími

Medieval Loans: Celtic

Medieval Loans: Latin

Medieval Loans: Old Norse

Medieval Loans: French

~900 pre-1250 (Norman), ~10,000 after; especially higher-register lexical words:

Lexical Competition

OE ey ↔ ON egg
OE þēah ↔ ON þó
NF reward ↔ CF regard
NF wile ↔ CF guile
Latin debita (< dēbitum) ↔ French dette

(Early) Modern Loans: Science

(Early) Modern Loans: Culture and Food

(Early) Modern Loans: Law, Military, Politics

(Early) Modern Loans: General

(Early) Modern Loans: Trade, Art

Semantic Field

Consociated Versus Dissociated Lexicon

Base Word Derivative Base Word Derivative
Mund mündlich mouth oral
Gesetz gesetzlich law legal
Zahn Zahnarzt tooth dentist

Normalization of Foreign Morphemes

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