Session 9: Law

Alþingi Iceland’s General Assembly, an annual gathering of chieftains and free men to settle prominent legal matters
Full outlawry Outlawry for life (skóggangr); also entailed forfeiture of one’s property
Grágás “Grey Goose”: the medieval Icelandic written law code, surviving in two 13th-century manuscripts
Lawspeaker (lǫgsǫgumaðr) A public office in which one was required to recite the laws of Iceland at the country’s annual General Assembly (Alþingi) over the course of three sessions (i.e. years)
Lesser outlawry Three years’ outlawry (fjǫrbaugsgarðr); also entailed forfeiture of one’s property
Outlawry The condition of being systematically denied legal protection, meaning one could be killed by anyone without repercussions