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I am not making available the images I use with these slides in the classroom. This is because UK law does not sufficiently exclude photographic reproductions from copyright. All images may be accessed via the link on the next slide. I am leaving image links in place; instead of the actual images, you will see the alt text containing a brief description and sourcing information.

Junius 11

Oxford, Bodley MS Junius 11 //

[Noah’s Ark, a detail from Oxford, Bodley MS Junius 11, p. 68]

Four “Poetic” Codices

Junius 11

  1. Genesis A, with interpolated Genesis B (2936 lines; cf. Gn 1–22)
  2. Exodus (590 lines; cf. Ex 13–14)
  3. Daniel (764 lines; cf. Dn 1–5)
  4. Christ and Satan (729 lines)
[A detail from Oxford, Bodley MS Junius 11, p. 1]
[Eden, a detail from Oxford, Bodley MS Junius 11, p. 11]

Genesis A

Quire 2

[A thumbnail overview of Oxford, Bodley MS Junius 11, quire 2]

Genesis B

Þridda is Tigris,seo wið þeodscipe,
ea inflede,Assirie belið.
Swilce is seo feorðe,þa nu geond folc monig
weras Eufratenwide nemnað.
“Ac niotað inc þæs oðres ealles,forlætað þone ænne beam,
wariað inc wið þone wæstm.Ne wyrð inc wilna gæð.”

The Saxon Genesis

“Uuela that thu nu Eva habas”, quađ Ađam,“ubilo gimarakot
“Hwæt, þu Eue, hæfstyfele gemearcod
unkaro selbaro siđ.Nu maht thu sean thia suarton hell
uncer sylfra sið.Gesyhst þu nu þa sweartan helle
ginon gradaga.”
grædige and gifre.”

Genesis B